EtreCheck 5.6

Find the reason why your computer isn't working properly.

EtreCheck is more than just a tool that helps you identify the source of your Mac problems. This program also provides you with solutions for various types of software-related issues, offers you a quick way to share information about your computer, and gives you access to various detailed regarding your hardware components.

The utility might take a while to complete its first system scan. However, it's definitely worth the wait, especially since it provides you with accurate information and a very comprehensive report which can be shared directly from its interface.

Not long ago, the program was distributed for free but offered a lot fewer features. Now, by paying a reasonable price, you get to find out which is the reason why your Mac isn't running properly and solve various software issues with just a few clicks.

For example, in my testing, the utility revealed that there are many orphaned files scattered all over my local drive. I was able to delete the unnecessary leftover files directly from EtreCheck's interface.

A small disadvantage is the fact that it supports a small number of output formats when exporting the offered report. You can export the report to a format that's compatible only with EtreCheck or go to File -> Print and select the Save As PDF option.

Still, EtreCheck is one of the best system diagnostic tools I tested on my Mac. It provides you with plenty of useful information, works OK, and is affordable.

Ashley Griggs
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Review summary


  • Provides you with a detailed report
  • Helps you fix some of the found issues
  • Offers you solutions for some of the found problems
  • Brings you a quick solution for sharing the offered report


  • It might take a while to complete the scanning process
  • Supports only 2 output formats for exporting the report
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