Flamingo 1.2

Flamingo is a modern instant messaging app for Mac.
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Flamingo is a modern instant messaging app for Mac. It is a beautiful, native instant messaging client for OS X that supports Hangouts/Gtalk, Facebook, and XMPP.
Flamingo's unified window design allows you to maximize the utility of your screen real estate. In addition to the default, compact single conversation layout, multiple conversations can be opened side by side and switched between seamlessly.

Searching through your conversation history shouldn't be a slow and painful task. Ultra-fast message search and a 3 column history browser with powerful filtering options gives you everything you need to delve into the contents of past conversations.

Stay in the conversation with inline media support for CloudApp, Droplr, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and more services in the future. Content from links sent or received from any of these services, and also direct image/video links will be shown inline in Flamingo (including animated GIFs!).

Let Flamingo handle the complexity of multiple accounts for you. When you have the same buddy on multiple accounts, they are intelligently grouped into a single person on your buddy list.

With 3 options to choose from, Flamingo lets you share files without limits. The convenient Direct Connection feature lets you send and receive files directly between 2 computers without the use of an intermediary service.

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