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Instant access to multiple Facebook accounts and desktop notifications.
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Made for Facebook allows you to access one of the most popular social networks right from your desktop. It has the advantage of providing instant access to Facebook without the need to use a browser. The application is quite unobtrusive as it runs hidden in the Menu Bar, from where you can access your Facebook account with just a few clicks.

There is actually no difference between the way you see your Facebook page on this application and what you see on a browser. This means that, in terms of using Facebook, there is nothing new to learn. However, if you go to Preferences via its icon, there are a few things you can customize. For instance, the tool can be set to start along with your system. Likewise, you can make it also available from the Dock or by pressing the desired hotkey combination. There is also the possibility of activating spell checking.

Another convenient feature of this app is that it can be set to automatically display notifications whenever you receive a message. In this regard, there is even a color system, which uses red for comments, yellow for friend requests and green for chat messages. Similarly, notifications can be accompanied by sounds. Although there are various sounds you can choose from, it does not allow using custom audio files.

You may be using various Facebook accounts for different purposes; good news is that this tool allows setting various accounts so that you can access them in no time. Moreover, if you are worried about your private data getting into the wrong hands, it is good to know that Made for Facebook supports the HTTPS protocol. Regrettably, I could not find a way to use the tool for such common task as downloading a Facebook video.

All in all, although I admit that Made for Facebook has some advantages over web browser access, I do not think they are enough to make me pay for this product. Frankly, I believe apps like this one should be free for everyone. Still, you may want to try it and see if it is worth its price.

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Pedro Castro
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  • Multiple account support
  • HTPPS support
  • Color-code notifications
  • Instant access via hotkeys
  • Built-in spell checker


  • Does not allow using custom audio files for notifications
  • Does not support downloading videos from Facebook



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