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Curio is a feature-rich project management utility.
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Curio is a feature-rich project management and presentation program. This handy piece of software will prove to be quite surprising with the amount of features and functions that it includes. Any user that is in a management position, starting from entry-level (team leader) to top managers will find this application to be a real time saver.

What Curio does, is that it enables any manager to micro-manage and plan every aspect of a project. Curio allows you to create mind maps, figure galleries, advanced tags, index cards and so many more. A great feature provided by this piece of software is "Time Support" that will allow you to add many time schemes to your projects, such as: start/due dates, hour/minute durations, work week and work time rollups. This feature is especially useful since it allows managers to automatically insert time stamps to each step of the project. It works by allowing mangers to choose time intervals and periods for task completion and the exact date/time will be automatically inserted to each task. Another great aspect of this program is the fact that it's highly customizable as it allows you to insert a wide range of templates and styles to your project presentations. Curio will allow you to customize each smallest detail of a presentation from label styles to page gradient.

Mario Procione
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  • Simple to use
  • Intuitive
  • Feature rich


  • It doesn't provide tutorials in order to help the beginner users understand the application's functionality
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