Quiver: The Programmer's Notebook 3.2

Organize info in notes mixing simple text, graphs, code, Markdown and LaTeX.
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Quiver: The Programmer's Notebook is intended to increase programmers’ productivity. In this respect, the tool allows creating notes mixing Markdown and LaTeX text and editing code. Likewise, it lets you organize your notes and find them with its full-text search feature. Fortunately, the application comes with various tutorials and there is even an online wiki, which means you can easily find answers to your questions.

The application’s interface has been carefully designed. It supports light and dark modes. Besides, it comes with various themes, which you can customize to your like. Probably, its most distinctive element is the library, a sort of folder tree, in which your notes are arranged into notebooks. Besides, it is possible to assign tags to your notes as an alternative form of organization. Regrettably, unlike with other editors, it is not possible to use hashtags in the body of the text. Finally, it is good that the application lets you find any note almost instantly, as it supports full-text search.

An important concept in Quiver: The Programmer's Notebook is that of note, which you use to store information. Moreover, it is important to know that a Quiver note is comprised of cells, which allow storing different kinds of data, such as simple and special text (programming code, Markdown and LaTeX). Similarly, a cell can contain diagrams. Luckily, there are no limitations as to mixing different types of cells within one note. more

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  • Supports mixing simple text, images, LaTeX, code and Markdown in a single note
  • Supports various ways to organize and find notes: notebooks, tags and search
  • Automatically creates links to dropped files
  • Built-in editor supporting syntax highlighting in multiple languages
  • Easy to export notes to other applications
  • Syncs data with other devices
  • Permits version control


  • Not possible to use hashtags in the body of the text
  • Cannot save notebooks in RTF or DOC formats



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