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Easy-to-use Mind Mapping tool that turns your Mac into a brainstorming, idea collection and thought structuring device.
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SimpleMind is intended for creating mind maps. It has the advantage of allowing you to share them with many other users, thanks to its support of cloud storage services. It is especially useful for brainstorming tasks, in which emphasis is placed on representing ideas and their relationships in a quick and easy way. As said, this tool helps you work on your mind maps “on the fly”; still, this does not mean you cannot take your time later to change the map’s layout and format.

Although the app is quite easy to use, even more so if you have had previous experience with this type of tool, it is good that it comes with a sample mind map, which serves as a demonstration of what you can do with it.

Every time you start SimpleMind, you will find that there is a central node already there for you. From it, you can start adding other elements, such as linked topics, pictures and other text. It is as simple as clicking on the “Plus” sign next to the node and start typing. Unlike other similar tools, it does not allow adding video or recording audio.

Luckily, a map can grow as much as it becomes necessary and you can use the Zoom tool to focus on a given element or have a picture of the whole map. It is even possible to have various maps on a single page.

Fortunately, the appearance of your maps can be changed by going to Settings. Luckily, there are various themes to choose from. Moreover, you can also pick your favorite layout and direction. It is also possible to change the type of default links as well as the fonts. more

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  • Allows adding new mind maps very easily
  • Customizable appearance
  • Various maps on the same page
  • Supports adding images or photos
  • Allows sharing maps in multiple ways
  • No limits in map size


  • Does not support adding video or audio
  • Does not support cloud services other than Dropbox


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