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Easily keep track of your new ideas, project plans, and to-dos.
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Curio is a feature-rich Mac utility created by the Zengobi company to help you complete a wide variety of tasks. You can use this program to keep track of your work ideas, make project plans, manage daily assignments, create quality presentations, and so much more.

The tool gives you access to various instructions and a very comprehensive help manual to help you get to know how Curio works and how to immediately complete tasks. You can choose between various project themes, insert different elements into your work (images, tables, mind maps, text, etc.), and many others.

In addition, Curio provides you with a built-in search tool called Sleuth that helps you immediately find and download images from the web. You can use the fetched content as a project element.

Once you finish polishing your project, you can either share it online, print it directly from the program's interface or export it to various file formats.

On the homepage of the developer, it says the product is perfect for writers, parents, students, web developers, teachers, etc. In my opinion, I don't think a student or a teacher would pay this much for a program just to make presentations or take notes. You can find cheaper solutions for completing basic tasks, like organizing your study material or putting together a decent presentation.

You can choose between 3 license types. The core is the least-feature-rich and the cheapest, while the Professional edition gives you access to a wide variety of advantages and costs twice as much as the aforementioned version. more

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Ashley Griggs
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  • Provides you with various instructions and a comprehensive guide
  • Lets you export your project data to various formats and share it directly from its interface
  • Helps you find and use online images directly from its interface
  • Gives you access to multiple editing tools


  • You can find cheaper solutions


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