Captain FTP

Captain FTP 6.6

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Captain FTP is inspired by Apple's philosophy of making innovative products with ease-of-use as a fundamental design principle.
Captain FTP is a fast, powerful, secure, user-friendly FTP Client which makes transferring files simple. Users may use simple drag'n'drop from the Finder/Desktop to multiple remote sites available with the tabbed interface. Manage file transfers with our Transfer Manager which allows users to monitor, pause, stop, restart and even schedule file transfers.
Updating your Web site is made very easy with our sophisticated yet easy to use Synchronization module. We even provide the ability to schedule 'Sync Jobs' at a time convenient for you.
For quick access to your remote data, Captain FTP has provided 'Virtual Folders', a direct desktop shortcut to a remote folder which may be also placed in the dock. Simply drop a file on the folder icon to transfer the file.
Captain FTP provides a wealth of functionality that caters for less experienced users and power users. Learn more here.

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