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CALORIES 3: Your personal diet, health and fitness coach Track, analyze and improve your diet.
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CALORIES 3: Your personal diet, health and fitness coach
• Track, analyze and improve your diet.
• Control and reduce your weight drastically.
• Control your calorie usage and improve your fitness.
• Track and analyze your body data chronologically.
• Import data from Fitbit, BodyMedia, Medisana and Withings devices (weight and body fat, water, bones, muscle, activity- and sleep, blood pressure and pulse, blood glucose...) on the fly.

Track your daily diet:
• The most reliable USDA Food Database for Dietary Study 3.0 helps you track your diet.
• Food databases contain over 80.000 foods, showing 44 nutrients per food.
• Additional databases available in several languages.
• Create custom foods to suit your personal needs.

Organize, analyze and improve your diet:
• Create custom meal types allocated to certain daytimes.
• Set goals for the intake of nutrients.
• An info panel displays nutrients. Personal goals are color coded.
• A quick info panel shows calories and goals for individual meals.
• The calorie display is divided into carbs, fat and proteins; your calorie limit is displayed.
• Chronological view of consumed calories (day, week, month or year).

Import body data automatically or manually:
• Measurement panels for weight (incl. body analysis), blood pressure and blood glucose levels.
• Weight: BMI calculated in real time. Data import from Withings, Fitbit or Medisana body scales.
• Blood pressure: Track systolic, diastolic and BPM rates. Unhealthy values color coded. Data import from Withings Blood Pressure Monitor and Medisana CardioDock.
• Blood glucose: Track blood glucose levels in mg/dl or mmol/l. Data import from Medisana GlycoDock!

Track your calorie usage manually or using the data synchronization:
• Enter and analyze activities with burned calories.
• Use standard or custom activities.
• Choose an activity and how many kcals you wish to burn - Calories 3 calculates the required duration.
• Data import from Fitbit One and Fitbit Ultra activity and sleep trackers, BodyMedia.

Overview and analysis:
• Analysis window offers 5 graphs: Weight, body analysis, blood pressure, blood sugar and calories.
• Optimal BMI range, desired weight and calorie limit are displayed.
• Net calorie intake calculated from consumed and burned calories.

Reach and sustain your desired weight with our intelligent assistants:
• Set milestones to break your overall diet down. Specify a weight goal and a timespan to reach it and the milestone assistant will calculate the required calorie reduction and calorie limits to reach and sustain your desired weight.
• Resist temptations with “My Temptation”: This assistant uses your dietary habits to tell you if you may treat yourself or should rather take up some sports.

Share Calories and use it on the go:
• Multiuser: Up to 5 user accounts (family).
• Share custom foods with other users.
• Print your data or export CSV files.
• iPhone app Cal2Go 2 available including automatic synchronization for use on the go.

View the full list of features on our homepage!

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Great application! Highly recommended and great support too!

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Well, I'm on the diet, that's why an application that lets me control the number of calories seems to be quite useful for me.

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