LastPass Password Manager App for Mac OS

The LastPass company, as you may probably know, has acquired a considerable reputation in password management apps development. It brings out a native Mac application which incorporates several new features specifically designed for OS X. Among those features there are instant logins, a «Quick Search» function, and «Security Check» tools.

As the company's developers say, the main advantage of their updated product is the «Quick Search» function. The option lets users make an easy search for a website to get their logins and secure information. The users are also able to launch that web in any browser and may not worry about necessary names and passwords because LastPass will automatically log them in.

One more useful feature is “Security Check”. With the help of it LastPass Mac users get an opportunity to trace password strenght in all their accounts. In case of revealing weak passwords, the password manager will immediently generate the new ones for you.

To learn more about new options of the LastPass App, you may install it on your computer. Today the app might be available on the Mac App store for free. But if you want to get tech-support and multifactor authentication, please subscribe to a special service that will cost you $12 per year.

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