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An IDE intended specifically for iOS and macOS development.
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AppCode is an IDE intended specifically for iOS and macOS development. It supports some of the most widely used programming languages, like Objective-C, Swift, C and C ++. Likewise, it allows working with various web technologies, including JavaScript, HTML, CSS and XML. It includes several tools for debugging code as well as testing various frameworks. Unfortunately, this IDE has a steep learning curve, which is why an attempt to make it flatter by supplying a learning plugin is always welcomed.

One of the best features of this IDE is its editor, which is extremely customizable. In this respect, it supports using different themes to change font and syntax highlighting colors. Likewise, it is excellent that it lets you browse the contents of your VCS repositories, with support of version control.

Good news is that the tool can help you to find and fix possible errors in your files thanks to its built-in code analysis engine. However, it is a pity that some developers have reported inaccuracies in some inspections, which could make you waste your time instead of saving it.

All in all, AppCode can make you more productive as a developer, as it can help you automate routines and debug your code. Although it is true that it may take you some time to fully master it, you will eventually recover the time you have spent. Unluckily, the application may demand a heavy use of resources, which is logically related to the available hardware. Finally, it is good to hear that the product can be tried at no cost.

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  • Supports some of the most popular languages
  • Supports various web technologies
  • Customizable editor
  • Built-in debugging engine


  • Steep learning curve
  • Inaccurate inspection results reported
  • Heavy use of resources


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