Safari Technology Preview
Apple Inc.
Safari Technology Preview is a Mac utility that lets you take a glimpse at upcoming Safari features...
...windows of the Safari program. The notable ...a developer who works with Safari a lot, is definitely a...
Safari Prairiefire
Peter Berglund, Balooba Software
Safari Prairiefire helps retire old/expired bookmarks from within Safari. It displays Safari's bookmarks...
...bookmarks from within Safari. It displays Safari's bookmarks in ...without going to Safari. The user has...
Safari Cookies
Russell Gray
This program is a simple yet helpful cookie manager for Safari. The application can easily be installed on your Mac...
...powerful cookie manager for Safari. The application can ...you can launch Safari and open the...
Safari Bookmark Exporter
Simone Manganell
Safari Bookmark Exporter is a free Mac application that will help you export all of your Safari bookmarks in no time...
...intact. Using the Safari Bookmark Exporter i ...then the lightweight Safari Bookmark Exporter is a...
Safari Icon Manager
Doug Brown
Safari Icon Manager is a little piece of software which can browse, edit...
...utility was created because Safari doesn't update it ...icons as well. Safari Icon Manager can...
Jigsaw Safari
By GameHouse
Super Jigsaw Safari for Mac offers all of the same great gameplay as the Windows PC version...
...scenery in Super Jigsaw Safari for Mac. A ...with Super Jigsaw Safari's advanced features that...
Safari PB
AppleScripts by Tom X
Safari PB launches Safari and enables Private Browsing. If Safari is launched normally, Safari PB will enable...
Safari PB launches Safari and enables Private Browsing. If Safari is launched...
RSS Button for Safari
BitPiston Studios
RSS Button for Safari is a lightweight native app extension for feed discovery in Safari. To install, you simply open...
...the extension from Safari Preferences under the ...RSS Button for Safari requires either a desktop...
Learn - Safari Edition
SwansonDigital, LLC
Learn - Safari Edition is a HD video training course that lets you get...
Learn - Safari Edition is a ...most out of Safari. You will see ...block ads and more. Safari 9 on OS X El...
Safari Extractor
Safari Extractor is a little utility for export the name and url of all web pages actives in your...
...actives in your current Safari session. This implie ...later use. With "Safari Extractor" you can make...
Safari Guide
Safari Guide is a free application for Mac OS X Tiger that allows developers to evaluate...
...the current frontmost Safari webpage. Using Safari Guide is easy...
Portable Safari
Carlo Gandolfi
Portable Safari.app is a shell script that open local copy of Safari™ using preferences...
...Support/Safari and ~/Library/Caches/Safari folders and ...Preferences/com.apple.Safari.plist file are...
Tutor for Safari
Noteboom Productions
Tutor for Safari lets you learn to be more productive with Safari...
...be more productive with Safari. The app provides 43 ...the most out of Safari on Mac, iPad, and...
Sothink SWF Catcher for Safari - Free
SothinkMedia Software
Sothink SWF Catcher for Safari is a free Safari extension for you to easily capture and save rich Flash...
...Catcher for Safari is a free Safari extension for ...etc. This Safari Flash downloader extension has...
Catalan Localization for Safari
Enric Plaza
Catalan Localization for Safari allows you to browse the web using Safari, in Catalan. Notice that this localization...
...needed to work with Safari 1.2Version 1.1 just ...1.0 is updated for Safari 1.0, and the whole...

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