AdGuard for Safari

AdGuard for Safari 1.8

Blocks advertisements and banners from websites improving the user's experience.

AdGuard for Safari is an app designed to protect Safari users from being forced to watch advertisements and all sorts of miscellaneous banners. This way, by using AdGuard, individuals can enjoy their browsing experience without being interrupted by advertisements.

The installation process goes smoothly and once completed, you get in contact with the extension's GUI. The interface looks clean and modern, and thanks to its well-delimited sections, it makes menu navigation very intuitive. At times, the app can become laggy, especially when performing updates.

Moving forward, AdGuard for Safari provides users multiple features to use in order to improve their browsing experience. When needed, users can choose to manually block any element thanks to a built-in extension. When it comes to filters, the app includes more than 50 filters that individuals can select in order to optimize browsing. Furthermore, AdGuard for Safari embeds a feature called Whitelist that lets users add websites to be excluded from blocking. It also supports the import and export of exclusion lists.

All in all, AdGuard for Safari is a comprehensive tool for blocking unwanted advertisements and banners and thus improving the browsing experience. It's free, but it could've had some help manual for novice users and a better implemented scrolling feature.

John Saunders
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Review summary


  • Comes with a Whitelist feature
  • Includes more than 50 filters
  • Supports import and export of whitelists


  • Misses a help tab
  • Has a poorly implemented scrolling feature
  • Becomes laggy at times