Manage Memory

Memory Clean
Memory Clean is a Mac tool that helps you boost up the performance of your...
...RAM usage, clean memory, get access to ...options for automatically launching Memory Clean every time...
Memory Diag
free rating
Rocky Sand Studio Ltd.
Memory Diag is a Mac application that helps you optimize the performance of your...
...regarding memory usage, details about the memory slot ...statistics offered by Memory Diag with the...
Memory Free 2
Memory Free is a very useful tool. It can monitor memory usage, finishing more memory space...
...compact, little memory usage. 4, Shows memory usage pie chart ...it can manage memory very well...
Memory Cleaner
Alice Dev Team
The first Memory Cleaner on the Mac App Store! Click a single button, and your computer will speed up! $9.99 -> $5...
...because it's busy freeing memory. Memory Cleaner is a fast ...or buy more memory. More memory for your...
Memory Clean 2
Memory Clean 2 is the type of program that comes in handy after playing a memory-demanding game or using...
...I tested the actual memory cleaning feature. The ...utility indeed reclaimed memory and improved the...
Nord Sound Manager
Clavia DMI AB
The Nord Sound Manager is the application that allows you to organize the various memory areas...
...a Nord instrument or manage the memory content. The Nord Sound...
Memory Magic
Vlad Alexa
Memory Magic monitors your Mac's memory usage and transparently performs optimizations...
...at freeing/relocating memory. Secondly it feature ...terminated, the memory distribution and swap...
Memory Defrag
This application is a simple utility that lets you defragment the RAM memory of your computer...
...current free memory, the active memory, and the ...whatsoever. In short, Memory Defrag offers a...
Memory Boost
free rating
Bloop Software
Memory Boost is a memory cleaner application for Mac OS X. Unlike apps that just remove the inactive memory causing...
...have very advanced memory management and should not ...lot of virtual memory. Memory Boost instead lets...
Cleaner for Memory
free rating
Rocky Sand Studio Ltd.
Cleaner for Memory is a simple application that boosts your computer performance by optimizing the memory usage...
...Furthermore, a memory pressure meter illustrate ...available free memory, memory information in...
Memory Optimizer Pro
free rating
PCVARK Software Private
Memory Optimizer Pro is a system optimization tool that offers to clean the RAM memory of your...
...A clean memory boosts your computer ...memory, the wired memory, the compressed memory, the app memory...
Memory Doctor Pro
It's About Time Products, LLC.
Memory Doctor Pro is a memory cleaner for Mac computers. Main features: - Menu bar tab with free memory displayed...
...with free memory displayed. - Auto-clean memory at a ...& clean memory. - Get info on memory usage ...
The application monitors the RAM usage on your computer and lets you free up the memory is not used with one click...
...With Boost&Memory you can manage the memory usage from your...
Memory Man
free rating
Memory Man, the last app you'll ever need to manage memory usage.This little app sits on the menu bar telling you...
...ever need to manage memory usage.Thi ...(free + inactive) memory.Planned features:- Show inactive...
Memory Tracker by Timely
Timely AS.
Thjee Memory Tracker by Timely is the only app you'll need to install to build up your personal Memory...
Thjee Memory Tracker by Timely i ...build up your personal Memory. Connect your calendar and...


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