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Memory Free

Free It is a system optimization tool designed to free up RAM memory.
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Memory Free is a system optimization tool designed to free up RAM memory on your computer. This way, you will improve your system performance and complete running processes faster.
The program installs in Mac's upper bar, so that you can access the tool with ease each time you want. With just a click on the icon, the app gives you a report on the free and used RAM memory in relation to the active and inactive memory. Furthermore, the utility lets you know what running application takes most of your available memory. You are provided with the ability to customize the tool's appearance using the "Preferences" window. Therefore, the free memory can be displayed in percentage form and/or in MB, with or without a text description next to it. If you use the program often, it is advisable to set the tool to launch at system's startup. Otherwise, you can leave this option idle to avoid delays.

What makes the utility really helpful is a series of advanced settings, which you can enable with ease. Thus, you can set the program to change the color of the status bar into red the moment a critical threshold is reached. You are allowed to set a minimum memory level, according to your needs. Unfortunately, the visual representation of the low memory status isn't accompanied by a sound alarm. However, you may enable the program to clean up the RAM memory automatically whenever it goes below the minimum level you configured. What is more, you can control the frequency of the memory update, so that you can benefit from a more or less real-time updating.

Anyone knows that an efficient computer system requires a proper memory management. The program does this task pretty well, and the fact that it is available for free makes it a good alternative for all users.

ID Senior editor
Ioana Dumitrescu
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  • Easy to use,
  • Visual warning when reaching critical memory threshold
  • Can control the memory update
  • Automatic memory clean


  • No sound alarm when low memory threshold is reached
  • No support for older operating systems - it only runs on 10.9 and 10.10


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