Memory Defrag 1.5

It lets you defragment the RAM memory of your computer.
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This application is a simple utility that lets you defragment the RAM memory of your computer. Consequently, your operating system will perform better, completing the running processes in good conditions and in a shorter amount of time.

The tool installs as a small icon in the menu bar. Once the program is launched, the icon changes its appearance into a chip, indicating that the program is running correctly. To avoid the tedious task of opening the application manually each time you turn on your computer, you can set the utility at system's startup. When clicking on the tool's icon, a drop-down menu appears showing useful information regarding the current free memory, the active memory, and the wired memory. Unfortunately, instead of using percentages, data refers to the size it occupies, which makes the information rather difficult to digest by inexperienced users. However, if you notice that your system's performance slows down, you just need to enable the defrag operation. The task requires manual intervention, as the application doesn't provide any automation settings whatsoever.

In short, Memory Defrag offers a straightforward solution to optimize system's performance by freeing up RAM memory. Without additional settings to configure, the tool is designed for home users looking for a simple way to increase the available memory of their personal computers.

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Ioana Dumitrescu
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  • Straightforward solution to free up RAM memory
  • Color-coded display of memory information
  • Can launch at system's startup


  • Can't automate the defrag process
  • Can't set a threshold level to notify you when RAM memory falls below it
  • Doesn't display RAM information in percentages



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