Valve is changing the way you can gift games on Steam

Valve has just modified the way you can send games as gifts on its Steam marketplace. From now on, instead of sending the game via email or forwarding the gift to the other person's inventory, the title will be transferred directly into the receiver's games library. Additionally, those who purchase the game also have more control over the arrival of the game as they can now schedule a gift for a few months ahead and make sure that it gets to its destination on time.

As every other new thing, this change that Valve is implementing has both advantages and disadvantages. The best thing about it is that you will now instantly find out if the recipient already has the game that you wanted to gift and get a refund. Additionally, games gifted between users from different regions will now be guaranteed to work. On the other hand, the reason behind this change is completely wrong: apparently, Valve wants to crack down on those who take advantage of the price difference between regions to resell games. In my opinion, if you have a global store, you should have global prices so these differences between regions shouldn't even exist, to begin with. However, after this change, if the price difference is too high, you simply won't be able to gift the game to someone from a different region.

Don't worry though; if you're one of the people annoyed by this change, don't forget that you can always share games on Steam in case that gifting them is no longer an option.