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Money allows you to manage your accounts, invoices, and portfolio with ease. Some people can keep track of financial transactions they make from day to day, others need some assistance, so they get to keep other important things in their heads. This program is great for the either of the type of a person you are. Its advanced features would be helpful to the gurus of their financial world, and those who cannot balance their checkbook for the life of G-man.

The program supports various accounts - bank, cash, credit card, investment portfolio, loan and smart account. Therefore, each of the accounts have its specific options. For example, under investment account, you get to have almost real-time quotes for your stocks.

The program works by recording transactions. Do you know how you pay your bills, buy gas for your car, go shopping and donate? With this program you get to track all of those expenses and match them with your income, only if you remember at least once a day to record all of your transactions.

Please remember, even the most powerful software won't help you to manage your budget if you do not have the discipline to not spend more than you have, or won't record your transactions, or balance your accounts. I understand how challenging it is to maintain a budget with all those "emergency" purchases that could be held off until the next paycheck, but keep in mind that spending 40 bucks on this awesome product would put you more into a financial hole without discipline.

Joshua Wrightwood
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  • Great design and graphics
  • Easy to use
  • iDevice compatible


  • Does not have the list of popular financial institutions (have to type your bank's name)
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