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Use PassProtect to find out if your password has been hacked

Data breaches are more dangerous than most people think because hackers don't keep the acquired information for themselves. Most of the time, the stolen usernames and passwords are sold to interested parties or posted on specialized forums or on the dark web. What's even worse is that, for the regular users, finding out if their passwords have been exposed or not is quite the ordeal. However, Otka has just released a plug-in called PassProtect that makes things easier.

PassProtect will read any password that you enter in your browser and compare it in real time against a huge database containing stolen passwords. In case you're using a password that has been leaked, you will instantly get a notification on your screen, thus knowing that it's time to change your credentials. At the moment, the plug-in only works with Google's Chrome browser, but a version compatible with Mozilla Firefox will become available in the near future. The tool uses the Have I Been Pwned database, which contains stolen passwords from Adobe, LinkedIn, Dropbox, Tumblr and other major services. In case you were worried, your passwords aren't stored on any server or outside source and the username isn't registered by the plug-in.


If you're someone who has a lot of experience in using a Mac or a PC, then you probably already know if your important passwords are secure or not. However, we all have a family member or a friend who lacks the know-how to protect themselves against Internet threats and that's when PassProtect will come in handy. After all, let's not forget that Apple's machines aren't as safe as they used to be and that Mac malware is on the rise.