Xtags for QuarkXPress

Xtags for QuarkXPress 3.15

Import/export text filters for document building.
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Xtags for InDesign/QuarkXPress are import/export text filters supporting the Quark XPress Tags language plus their own extended Xtags tags, for tremendous document-building and extracting power.
With Xtags, you can build any text content with full styling (the same as XPress Tags), anchor and fill picture and text frames, build and fill unanchored frames, size picture contents to containing frames, size frames to content (text or picture) in various flexible ways, translate text and tags on input, use macros to reduce typing, apply master pages and spreads, and more.
For output, Xtags will save the contents of any text story, including anchored text and picture frames, and will also save the structure and content of any selected text, picture or group frames.
What's new in this version:
Fixes a problem introduced in the 3.9 release where using File > Import with Xtags... or File > Save Text with Xtags... could cause QuarkXPress to shut down.

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