World Riddles: Animals 1.0

Travel around the world and guess challenging puzzles.
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World Riddles: Animals is an enjoyable game where you will travel around the world playing challenging puzzles. Your job is to unlock all the parts of a medallion in order to become an expert on animals. At every level, you will need to uncover the globes by following the numbers shown. The numbers show the amount of adjacent globes per row or column. As you advance in the game, some rows or columns may contain more than one number. From left to right, the first number means the amount of adjacent globes and the other mean the number of globes you need to put between after the others leave a tile in. Once you have uncovered the globes in a column or row, you need to use the hammer to smash the empty tiles. Be careful since you can only make three mistakes per level, or you will need to start that level from scratch.

If you get stuck, you can use the hints which will reveal the location of one globe. Hints are unlimited, but they take some time to recharge. The game also includes fun mini-games that add some variety to the gameplay. Unfortunately, the game offers very simple graphics, which look rather poor. Sounds are simple too and the music is suitable, but repetitive.

In short, if you are interested in fun games and you do not mind the simple graphics, World Riddles: Animals may be a nice choice.

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Silvana Mansilla
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  • Enjoyable
  • Challenging
  • Nice theme
  • Includes fun mini-games


  • Only one mode
  • Very simple graphics and sounds



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