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Free BokaDarts is a very simple dart game in which you need to throw darts.
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BokaDarts is a very simple dart game in which you need to throw darts and try to score more points than your opponent. To shoot, you need to draw a line in the rectangle that is below the board. The line will indicate the direction and intensity of the shot. The game is always played with another opponent, who can be human or machine. There are five different computer opponents to choose from and they all have particular skills that you will learn as you play. What is more, the game includes five different modes to play. In two of them, you play until you reach a certain amount of points, in another you can practice alone, and there are two others, but I couldn't figure out the rules.

Sadly, the game doesn't include any help whatsoever, so I had to figure out how to play by myself. There is also no explanation about the modes or the scoring system. As you can see, the graphics leave a lot to be desired. The playing area is very reduced, sounds are horrible, and there is no music.

To conclude, I really wouldn't recommend BokaDarts because you can surely find much better similar games out there.

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  • Free
  • Multiple modes


  • Very poor graphics and sounds
  • No music
  • No help
  • Boring



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