WinShortcutter 4.4

Create a Windows-like office environment.
Simplify the operations related to document management. Create a Windows-like environment for opening, transferring, editing, and otherwise managing different files. Use various shortcuts and hotkeys to speed up data transfers, file openings, and password input.

Winshortcutter is intended to make your work simpler in case you frequently switch from macOS to Windows or you are just an exception in an office where most other people use Windows. In this respect, the tool helps your system correctly identify the location of the file a shortcut points to. In this respect, both Windows shortcuts (INK) and contentACCESS File Archive shortcuts are supported. Likewise, it lets you map shared locations to make them readily accessible.

Luckily, you do not have to do much to use the tool as it works transparently for you. Once you have installed it, clicking on a shortcut will open the target folder or file, instead of showing an error message. Logically, this does not work for Windows executables, which, as you know, cannot be opened on macOS.

Mapping shares may get a little more complicated as it needs to be done from the corresponding pane at System Preferences. In this regard, you can set arbitrary paths with backward slashes and quotation marks as well as decide the way the drive is mounted. Moreover, you can map as many shared locations as you need to.

All in all, WinShortcutter is quite convenient to ensure Windows resources can be shared with your macOS system. Unfortunately, although the standard license is free, it comes with some limitations. For instance, it does not allow installing browser and Finder extensions. Besides, it does not receive updates. However, you can avoid them by purchasing the Pro license.

Pedro Castro
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  • Creates paths you can share with Windows users
  • Identifies the file a shortcut file links to
  • Allows using arbitrary paths


  • Does not install browser and Finder extensions
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