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Wakoopa Tracker is a social software tracker for the Mac.
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Wakoopa Tracker is a social software tracker for the Mac. It is also available for Windows and Linux. The application scans your computer and detects what other apps you have installed. With that information, it creates a profile for you that you can check on the Wakoopa website. In your profile, you will see what applications you have installed, how much you use them and what other users have been using as well. After a day of using the Wakoopa Tracker, you will be able to see a graph of your application usage, along with recently used apps and newly installed ones.

Wakoopa Tracker isn't unlike Mac Informer, really, but it takes a more social approach and it lacks some of SI's functionality. For example, it doesn't warn you of new updates to your software and it doesn't have a team of dedicated software reviewers supporting the application. Also, the app lacks a user interface. You have to open a website to see your profile. The rest of the application's functionality is accessed through a menu on the Mac's menu bar.

All in all, this is a nice social software tracker. There are quite a few users on it and it has a very nice design. The Wakoopa Tracker itself is very stealthy and you probably won't even know you are running it.

José Fernández
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