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Optimal Layout 2.3

This app helps you resize and arrange windows on your screen.
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Optimal Layout is a program designed to help you manage the windows of other running apps on your desktop. This application might prove to be of good use if you're working with multiple utilities and need to organize their windows efficiently with minimum effort.

You can change the way this tool operates by going to your Menu Bar and clicking its correspondent icon. From there, you can access the Preferences panel where you can define the global hotkeys, choose which apps to ignore when resizing windows, and much more.

Another good aspect is that you have access to additional buttons next to the app's icon on the Menu Bar. Once you click any of these buttons, Optimal Layout immediately changes the size and screen position of the window you're on.

Furthermore, the application also provides you with a list of all other running utilities. From there you can choose the window layout that meets your requirements (check the video tutorial).

To be honest, this program is now on my top 3 apps for window management. Optimal Layout is filled with numerous helpful features, is very simple to handle, and comes with a reasonable cost.

Ashley Griggs
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  • Easy to use
  • Provides you with various ways to resize and position windows on your desktop
  • Allows you to define global hotkeys for managing windows


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