Zooom2 is a smart tool for moving and resizing application windows.
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Zooom2 is an easy-to-use application for managing, moving and resizing application windows. It comes with high applicability, since it works with any application. This application was basically designed to save valuable time spent while having to minimize, maximize, move and resize application windows the classic way. The main interface is simple and provides quick access to all of the tools and settings. The general tab allows the users to edit general settings, autoraise settings and move/resize settings. The application also provides a smart tool called Magnetics; Magnetics allows the Mac users to give magnetic properties to various elements like visible window edges, the edges of the display and both dock and menu bars. This piece of software also allows the users to add various applications to an ignore list, which is basically a list of applications that will not be affected by Zooom. The application runs low on resource consumption, so it will not burden your Mac.

All taken into consideration, it is safe to say that Zooom2 is a smart utility for moving, resizing, minimizing and maximizing application windows.

Dave Hattey
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  • High applicability
  • Easy-to-use menu
  • Magnetics tool


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