Vogue MK2 Synthesizer

Vogue MK2 Synthesizer 1.8

Eight-voice standalone is a MIDI synthesizer with built-in effects.
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1.8.6 (See all)
Victor Cerullo

Eight-voice standalone MIDI synthesizer with built-in effects, microtonal capabilities, 120 preset sounds (more free sounds available on the website) and an extensive library of tuning files. Just plug a MIDI keyboard and play!
- eight-voice polyphonic
- hybrid synthesizer engine (virtual analog and wavetable)
- 9 VA waveforms, 78 wavetable, white noise
- three oscillators per voice, with individual sub-oscillators
- true monophonic mode (three voices at unison)
- single LFO with 6 waveforms
- multi-mode filter (low/high-pass, band pass/stop)
- ring modulator, chorus, flanger and phaser pre-filter effects
- stereo delay with cross and reverse functions (3 seconds max delay time)
- stereo reverb with freeze mode
- easy-access modulation matrix
- microtonal pitch-bend (self-adapting to tuning scale steps)
- 120 factory preset programs
- receives MIDI Tuning Standard SysEx messages
- compatible with Max Magic Microtuner mtx tuning files
- library of 3,000 tuning files included

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