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Music mastering tool available as a standalone app and a DAW plugin.
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Lurssen Mastering Console allows mastering audio, mainly music. This product is available both as a standalone app and a DAW plugin. Even when the tool is intended for professionals, it is quite easy to use by novices alike, as it automates most processes. Good news is that it processes high-quality audio, up to 24bits 96KHz.

The app has a simplified yet realistic interface, which is divided into two main sections. In this respect, you can find the main controls in the lower part of the window. Examples of those controls are the input drive, various VU meters, a 5-band equalizer and a stereo-mono monitoring switch. Moreover, it supports three different views: Studio, Waveform, and Chain.

One of its advantages from the point of view of usability is precisely that the interface corresponds to the Lurssen effects chain, consisting in equalizing, de-essing and compression. Luckily, the app comes with a long list of presets corresponding to 40 different music styles, which logically ease your task. But that is not all, it also lets you customize those ready-made presets to create your own.

In general, Lurssen Mastering Console produces excellent mastering results and definitely deserves your attention. Although simplicity is usually an advantage in itself, it may be possible that some users feel that the product’s lack of support of third-party plugins is a shortcoming. Still, that depends on your likes and expectations. Fortunately, the tool can be tried at no cost.

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  • Processes high-quality audio
  • Highly automated
  • Simple yet effective chain
  • Multiple presets
  • Customized presets supported


  • Does not support plugins

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