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Purity is a powerful application for creating professional music.
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Purity is a powerful application used for improving the sounds generated with digital instruments. It allows the users to break the limitations that come with using normally connected MIDI instruments. The main interface is nicely split into two small windows, one that offers access to program settings and one that resembles a piano keyboard; the settings window provides up to 16 channels that can be personalized to best fit the user's needs. Each of the channels comes with a master volume equalizer, balance settings, and two buttons that control the chorus and reverb volume. The preset menu provides access to a wide variety of predefined presets that can be used in order to add various effects. This feature-rich application also provides a complex Edit menu, where the users can alter various settings with the help of two plots, one for the filter and one for the AMP. Unlike other similar products, this piece of software runs low on resource consumptions, so it does not burden one's Mac.

All in all, you should give Purity a try; it is a complete utility for making professional music, using MIDI instruments and adding various audio effects.

Dave Hattey
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  • Highly functional
  • Wide variety of tools and settings


  • Font is too small
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