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Nintendo (NES)/Famicom emulator.
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MacFC is a Japanese Nintendo NES / Famicom emulator developed by T.Aoyama.
If you want the Classic Mac OS Version, please go to this page.
MacFC is different than other Mac NES emulators, such as RockNES and Nestopia. Here are some features that make it stand out: Developed specifically for Macintosh Runs full-speed on any Mac OS X 10.3.9+ machine Emulates a light gun with the mouse and cross-hairs Runs many hacked games that will not run in other emulators Very accurate Famicom Disk System if you want to play FDS games Plays FDS NSF files Family Basic keyboard emulation Enable/disable each sound channel, and each extended sound channel (total 13) Icons show whether a ROM or disk image is compressed or not (like Power64 and Nestopia Bundle Tune-up) ROM / FDS image info shows various technical info Separate software/hardware reset Rapid fire OSD options (meters, messages, etc.), each can be enabled/disabled Adjustable sound quality / buffer size High-speed disk access option (and variable speed increments) for FDS/FAM images Pre-amplified volume control User-adjustable application priority level Different frame skip options for each level of zoom Full-screen mode MacFC doesn't have: Custom video filters, such as HQ2X or 2xSAI Direct Game Genie Code support (you could still "burn" codes into your ROMs to use them) Native gamepad support in Mac OS X (You'll need GamePad Companion or something.) I personally remade the bundle for MacFC. This has the following effects:
Icons are all .icns 128x128 format Icons can show if the ROM or disk image is compressed if they have the appropriate filename extension MacFC can no longer easily be launched in Mac OS 9 (or earlier) or the Classic environment (Use the Classic Version of MacFC in Classic.) I have converted all Japanese text inside the actual MacFC application to English, but I left the documentation that comes with MacFC in Japanese because I am unable to accurately convert that much text.
In order to use the FDS functionality of MacFC, you need to obtain Disksys.ROM and place it inside the MacFC application. To do that, control-click MacFC and "Show Package Contents". Then open "Contents" and drop Disksys.ROM into the MacOS folder. That's it.
I am not legally able to tell you where to get Disksys.ROM or any other ROMs or disk images (FDS, FAM, etc.) for MacFC. If you ask me where to get these things, I cannot tell you. You need to find them yourself and consider the applicable laws for your region.



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