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Boost your creativity by allowing downloading and organizing music samples.

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Loopcloud is intended for organizing music samples. The app works as a client that connects to the cloud services with the same name, which is why most of its advantages cannot be separated from those of the services that power it. In this regard, a major benefit is the possibility to download full royalty-free samples that you can use in your composition. Luckily, their online library is huge: more than 3.5 million samples.

The tool has a pleasant interface, with a theme in which dark colors predominate. It provides you with ways to organize your samples. Besides, it indexes them to facilitate instant search results. The app lets you pick any sample and play it alongside the musical piece you are working on. Samples may come not only from the online library but also any other you store on your local hard drive or a cloud storage service.

An important element in the creation process is the Loop Editor, which lets you produce new patterns from a specific sample. At this point, you can also use a chain of effects, including delay, filter, pitch change and reverb. Fortunately, the app supports dragging effects to the Loop Editor. Then, you can continue dragging them and adjust their positions in a chain.

Luckily, Loopcloud can connect with other music applications that support VST, such as Ableton Live, Apple Logic, Cubase, Propellerheads and Fruity Loops. However, it does not seem to allow loading VST effects and instruments.

In general, Loopcloud can boost your musical creativity by allowing access to an enormous collection of samples. In this respect, it may become an endless source of new ideas. The application is basically free; however, there are limitations as to the number of samples you can download per day. Likewise, this free version only allows using two tracks and does not support effects. Should you want more, it is essential that you subscribe to any of the plans available: Artist, Studio and Professional.

Pedro Castro
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  • Huge library of music samples
  • Index and search support
  • Eight tracks
  • Supports adding effects
  • Compatible with other music apps


  • Does not seem to load VST effects and instruments
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