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Creates a quick access environment for apps and sites.
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Gain access to selected websites, browsers, standalone applications, streaming platforms, folders, and files by adding them as entries in the environment supported by the application. It enables opening and closing files and programs, browsing the Internet, etc after a single mouse click.

Meet Twitch. Open files, applications, web sites, and more at the touch of a key. This launcher hides just off your screen, waiting for you to press a hotkey. Then, just tap one letter to open a file, launch an application, visit a URL, or execute a script. It's that simple and that fast: no searching, waiting, or even pressing Enter.Use Twitch to get to what you need most on your Mac, as quick as thinking - without taking your hands off the keyboard.Learn more at http://twitchapp.comFollow @TwitchAppOSX on Twitter.-----What's Twitch all about?Not Everything; Just Everything You NeedTwitch is the perfect compliment to Spotlight or Quicksilver: rather than covering every file on your Mac, Twitch gets you what you use most, lightning fast.Super-Fast LaunchingOne hotkey, one letter: that's all you have to press to use Twitch. Just two keypresses launch files, applications, websites, and scripts--no waiting for a search or even pressing Enter.One-key AccessUse a hotkey to open Twitch from any application. Or set up single-key access: open Twitch with a quick tap of any modifier key, such as Ctrl or Command.Predictable, Configurable LaunchingWith Twitch, you don't have to wait for search results or have a needed command disappear. Once you configure a letter, Twitch will always keep that connection, so you can launch with your eyes closed.------Getting started with Twitch:1. Launch files, applications, and websites as fast as you can think. Just press a letter to launch the associated item.2. Twitch lives out-of-sight, but is available at the touch of a key. Press Alt-Space to make Twitch appear.3. Change what's launched with each key by clicking Configure at the bottom of the Twitch window. You can also change the hot key that activates Twitch.

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