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Trashit is a tiny application that can help you get rid of those files you cannot delete by other means. In this respect, this tool solves the problem faced when you intend to remove folders or files with incorrect permissions or which have been locked by some process. It also works for those items that refuse to be moved to Trash.

This app is extremely easy to use. I only had some problems to run it the first time because it does not come from a source recognized by macOS, but you can always take the risk and say it is OK. There is not much to do to empty your trash bin, it is just a matter of clicking a button and waiting. At this point, you need to pick one of the two options supported. There is even advice telling you to try the fast way and, just if it does not work, use the Really Stuck option, because the second may take considerably more time.

Another possibility is to completely skip the sending-to-trash step and simply drag and drop the desired files or folders onto the application’s window. I almost forgot to tell you that no matter what method you use; you will need to provide your admin password to grant the tool the necessary permissions.

Good news is that the tool works perfectly. However, I just wished I could have more feedback about whatever the app is doing while I am waiting. In this respect, all you can get is a note thanking you for using the application. It would also be important to suggest the user to restart the system if the deletion process does not seem to work.

All in all, Trashit solves a frequent problem. Thus, it fortunately fills a void left behind by the developers of the operating system. Good to hear that this product is absolutely free to use.

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Pedro Castro
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  • Works with really stubborn files
  • Very light and easy to use
  • Two deletion options
  • Supports drag-and-drop operations


  • No feedback about the process going on

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rating jputting
This is a very handy App for getting rid of those items in the Trash which can’t be deleted because there is a process which needs to terminated before they can be deleted.

Trash It! reliably finds and terminates those processes and empties your trash can and saves you having to restart your Mac.

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