TV Row

TV Row 2.0

A small application that allows you to run Front Row on a TV or plasma screen.

TV Row provides users with that extra accessibility control that Apple's Front Row seems to lack. The application offers a compact and intuitive interface for setting up the display option. It takes little of your disk space and automatically detects language preferences.

Without TV Row, you would normally have to run the Display tool from the System Preferences section, select the primary display and resolution. Front Row allows you to choose from a maximum of 4 connected displays (TV, plasma screen, monitor) and 3 types of resolution (default, 480p Standard Definition, 720p High Definition movie trailer resolutions). After making the appropriate adjustments, you can simply run Front Row by pressing the appropriate button on the bottom side.

Note that all settings are saved into the Front Row settings files, making them permanent.

TV Row should please all Front Row users as they can save the time otherwise spent making display and resolution changes each time they want to run Front Row. Even more, after making the changes, you can trigger running Front Row with just a click of a button. Considering that Front Row blackens all monitors connected and displays media content only on one of them, I would also like to have the possibility of enabling the desktop on the rest of the screens.

Rory Shaffer
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  • Detects monitors plugged in
  • 3 types of resolution choices
  • No configuration


  • Automatically blackens the second monitor
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