BassJump 3.0

Allows controlling a BassJump to improve the quality of the sound.
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BassJump is a portable speaker intended to improve the quality of the sound of your computer. Yet, it is also the name of the accompanying application without which the speaker would not work appropriately. The app has an unobtrusive interface, as it runs as a tiny icon on the menu bar.

Learning to use BassJump is no rocket science: all it requires is a little experience with computers to toggle features on and off and move some sliders. However, it helps a lot if you have some knowledge of audio systems to adjust the settings to your preferences. If you do not, there is no other way but to try different configurations and listen to a sample sound to see if any of them works for you.

In this respect, the application helps you turn on or off the base enhancement feature. Likewise, you can pair it with your favorite equalizer, adjust volume and set a crossover frequency. Moreover, sound settings can be put on manual or automatic mode.

Since the application has no use without the piece of hardware it is intended to control, let us dedicate a few lines to the speaker itself. It has a nice design matching that of your MacBook, on top of that all it needs is to connect to one of the USB ports to work. Do not expect the laptop’s speakers to become Hi-Fi audio equipment all of a sudden. Instead, you will notice that it certainly improves their sound quality by making it less thin. more

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  • Intuitive and unobtrusive application
  • Allows automatic and manual sound settings


  • No match for real Hi-Fi audio equipment



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