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Free The Secret Society - Hidden Mystery is a hidden object puzzle game.
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The Secret Society - Hidden Mystery is another hidden-object game. Thus, like many other applications of this type, it takes you through a series of images for you to find the objects in a list. Obviously, the objects are not so easy to find as they are generally buried within a crowd of artifacts. Another difficulty comes from them being located in unexpected places.

The story, as usual, is just a pretext. This time it is about the mysterious disappearance of your Uncle Richard, which you have to investigate by jumping into photos, each representing a magic world. There are multiple and varied objects to find in diverse locations. Most of the artifacts are static; however, others have to be pierced together to form new ones. However, the most original type are morphs, those that change over time. This time your goal is to discover them. In addition, you need to play some mini-games (usually my favorite part of the game) to continue advancing through levels.

The game’s artwork is carefully crafted and it is accompanied by a nice soundtrack. Zooming in to a given region in the picture is supported but it can be irresponsive at times. There is also too much recycling of objects, so it is quite likely that you are requested to find the same object at a different location.

All in all, The Secret Society - Hidden Mystery is certainly not one of those heavily addictive games. Nevertheless, it has what it takes to entertain a single user or to enjoy together with other members of your family. By the way, it is suitable for practically all ages. The product is free and can be downloaded from the Mac App Store. Yet, some additional objects should be acquired via in-app purchases.

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  • Suitable for all family members
  • Diverse locations and objects
  • Morph mode available
  • Includes mini-games
  • Beautiful artwork
  • Nice soundtrack


  • Boring unoriginal story
  • Zooming in sometimes irresponsive
  • Too many recycled objects


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