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A complete suite of tools intended to play and create karaoke files.

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MiDiCo is a very complete suite of tools intended to play and create karaoke files. In this regard, it comprises a karaoke player, a karaoke maker, a CDG creator and a CDG ripper. Regrettably, this product’s interface may turn confusing at times due to so many different windows and tools, which is why its user guide is warmly welcomed.

In addition to common playback controls, the built-in player has controls for tempo, pitch and volume. Likewise, it lets you manage different windows, such as karaoke display, console display, MIDI controller, playlist manager and song search. In this respect, you can open two different displays or split the screen automatically for duet singing. Good news is that the player comes with various features that allow you to edit MIDI tracks by changing a given instruments and modifying effects like Reverb, Chorus and Pan.

Maker is the tool that lets you create your own karaoke files by adding and synchronizing lyrics to media files. Synchronizing lyrics is extremely easy as all you need to do is to press the spacebar whenever the words are supposed to appear. Yet, this is not the only way to do that. In this regard, the tool can use the lead vocals track to detect the appropriate timing. The resulting karaoke can be exported not only in the app’s native format (MDC) but also MIDI and MP3. What is more, there is an embedded CDG Creator that lets you export it as MP3+CDG, which can include two independent lyrics tracks.

Another tool included in the package is Music Finder. It is intended to create a library of all the karaoke songs available by scanning different types of storage devices. Fortunately, a song’s information is automatically extracted from the file’s metadata or name. Moreover, in case the available info is insufficient or erroneous, you can edit it.

The built-in CDG Reaper can help you extract tracks from a CDG disc. Luckily, the tracks are automatically added to your library, and there is even the possibility of getting their info from an online database but only if the disc’s data is available there. Another advantage of the ripper is that is uses a powerful algorithm to fix any possible error in the source disc.

Although I consider MiDiCo highly convenient, there are a few things that would make it even more complete. Just as a wish list, I would like to be able to remove the singer’s voice from a track. Moreover, it would be nice if it could actually recognize speech and synchronize the lyrics accordingly.

All in all, there is no doubt I am already a fan of MiDiCo. This is definitely an application that deserves your attention if you are a karaoke lover. Fortunately, there is an evaluation copy available.

Pedro Castro
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  • Excellent user guide
  • Very complete karaoke solution
  • Allows splitting the screen for duets
  • Supports editing MIDI tracks
  • Allows creating your own karaoke files
  • Can use the lead vocals track for synchronizing lyrics
  • Extracts karaoke tracks from CDG discs
  • Built-in karaoke library


  • Cannot remove the singer’s voice from a track
  • Cannot recognize speech and synchronize the lyrics accordingly
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