Timer 9.0

Set up multiple counters for synchronized work.
9.0.3 (See all)
Complete complex projects on multiple machines by monitoring the working time with multiple timers. Access the timer interface, view the current time and set the counter value by dragging the arrow around. Set up an unlimited amount of timers with a single click.

timer is an advanced plug-in for iMovie that provides you with all timing-related tools you have ever required. Use it to time real-time events (e.g. footage of a sporting event, experiments, forensics), add ‘24’-style time info to your movie, countdowns, or provide time base lines for your stop-motion videos. In short, any time-related information can be added with this plug-in.
As a reference class plug-in this effect sport the following features:
- real-time timer (tied to the video signal)
- real-time count-down
- time dilation/compression from 1:10 to 10:1
- pre-set to any start value (timer)
- count-down to any stop value (count-down)
- calculate time (you provide start and stop times, the plug crates all time values in-between)
- 11 different timer formats available Artistic:
- place the time anywhere on the clip -- using the mouse!
- automatically scale time with mouse -- no silly font size selection!
- use any font (note that this is an effect, not a title plug-in!)
- use any color for time display
- optional panel behind timer for improved contrast
- use any color for panel (if enabled)
- 100 levels of transparency Video timing (for real-time timer/count-down):
- 30 fps (NTSC)
- 25 fps (PAL) Note to advanced video editors:
- Since iMovie does not pass any original DV timing info to the plug-in, this plug-in can only be used to newly time-stamp source, not re-establish lost timing code. Use this plug-in for any time-related info displayed in a video, e.g.
- time of day
- time passage for stop-motion
- clocking real-time events
- ‘24’-style time info
- establish time codes for videos
- count-downs

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