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Compare various types of files on your Mac computer.
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Kaleidoscope is a program for comparing files on your Mac. It enables you to compare images, text documents, directories, and many others. The utility features a user-friendly interface, immediately completes any given task and supports drag-and-drop actions.

All you need to do is to drag-and-drop the two items you wish to compare over the program's interface and Kaleidoscope will immediately provide you with the results you need.

In my testing, I compared two text documents. One of the documents was missing several rows. The utility immediately indicated the differences. I also compared 2 directories and got the accurate results I needed within moments.

Unfortunately, an important disadvantage is the fact that you cannot use Kaleidoscope to edit or sync the imported data. Other tools from the same category offer you this feature. Also, you can easily find cheaper solutions for comparing files and folders on your Mac, with some of them being specialized in comparing certain types of data, like text documents or images.

However, Kaleidoscope brings other helpful features which some might find of great use.

Ashley Griggs
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  • Supports drag-and-drop actions
  • Lets you compare various types of files
  • Fast processing speed


  • You can find cheaper solutions
  • Lacks the ability to edit or sync the imported data
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