String Studio

String Studio 1.1

String Studio is a handy tool for altering sounds produced by instruments.

String Studio is a useful application which you can use when it comes to swapping classic parameters like envelope pattern, oscillator and filter for natural string instrument components. The main window is nicely split into two smaller windows, one containing Imports and String Studios, and the other window containing various buttons and tools for modification of sounds and parameters. This feature-rich application allows the users to make various settings for up to 16 individual channels, and general settings for a master channel. It provides tools for modifying decibels, filter, string and body for each channel. The preference menu splits into four menus, based on the category of settings: general, audio settings, audio control panel and MIDI settings. String Studio comes with a high applicability, since the settings can be used on any instrument connected to Mac, and runs low on resource consumption.

All taken into consideration, you should give String Studio a try; it comes with high applicability and a wide variety of predefined presets . By the way, it is highly responsive to commands.

Dave Hattey
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  • Wide variety of predefined presets
  • The application has high applicability
  • Offers quick response to commands


  • Not so appealing interface
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