VirtualDJ 9.0

A modern DJ tool packed with lots of useful features.
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VirtualDJ is a modern DJ tool, which you can use to mix not only music but video as well. The tool supports a long list of hardware devices, including mixers, media players, controllers and DV boxes. Although it may take some time for you to learn where to find everything, I am sure you will eventually get to use it fluently.

The application has a great interface, which is also very customizable thanks to its support of skins. In this respect, the skin coming by default supports six decks; still, it can allow up to 99 decks if you use a different one. It also lets you access multiple features from a single window. For instance, you can load various songs, use controls and generate scratches.

Luckily, this product is very rich in features, so much so that it lets you do practically anything you could expect from a DJ tool. It supports OSC network synchronization and karaoke spinning. Likewise, it lets you use music from six different streaming platforms, including Deexer, SoundCloud Go+ and Beatport.

Good news is that VirtualDJ comes with various editors. Thus, it lets you add overlays and titles to clips as well as mix several videos. Fortunately, it packs various features that help you automate you work. In this regard, the Automix Editor surely deserves attention since it allows setting mix-in and mix-out points for the songs on your playlist. Likewise, the built-in Event Planner allows programming some tasks, for instance, it can automatically play a given song or an entire playlist after the desired time.

VirtualDJ works even when no DJ hardware is connected. Similarly, you do not need an Internet connection to use it, but some features may be limited.

All in all, VirtualDJ is very likely to meet the needs of anyone willing to entertain others either at home or professionally. It is one of the best DJ tools available due to its wide range of features, which are impossible to describe in such a short review. Regrettably, unlike other similar apps, it does not support addons. Still, you may argue that it is so complete that it does not need them. Fortunately, this product is free to use for non-commercial use. Other versions are Pro and Business.

Pedro Castro
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  • Lots of features
  • Compatible with practically any hardware
  • Supports up to 99 decks
  • Various editors
  • Allows automating some tasks
  • Integrates with various streaming platforms


  • Requires a connection to use all of its features
  • Does not support plugins
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