Scratch LIVE

Scratch LIVE 2.5

Manages, organizes and controls digital audio files.
Work with DJ hardware devices by Rene such as vinyl turntables or CD players. Access, manage and play digital audio files in MP3, WAV, OGG, AIFF and non-DRM AAC formats. The suite features cueing, looping, keylock tools, as well as the SP-6 Sample Player.

Serato Scratch LIVE... Using regular turntables or CD players, you can scratch and mix files from your Mac's CD or hard drive, add in a live mic input for scratching, and even bypass to standard vinyl if you wish. Scratch LIVE is the complete digital solution for the vinyl junkie - take your entire collection wherever you go and leave your precious vinyl at home!
The software has all the features of a modern DJ player, including beat extraction, real time tempo metering, waveform coloring based on spectral content, multiple cue points per track, and full iTunes™ library integration. Tailored for performance work, tracks are rapidly located via full text search of ID3 tags, or even recorded directly from a microphone, and assigned to turntable control with a single key press.

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