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Monitor the work of your system and hardware components.
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Check out a customizable system monitor for your Mac. Check out the options for capturing, tracking, viewing, and copying the readings for CPU and memory usage, disk usage, network and bandwidth consumption and stability, laptop battery power, and others.

*** Easily Monitor Your Mac's System Stats ***
With StatsBar, you get a comprehensive and detailed analysis of the following areas of your Mac:
1. CPU Usage
2. Memory Usage
3. Disk Usage
4. Network & Bandwidth Usage
5. Battery Power & Health (MacBooks Only)
Monitoring these stats allows you to easily keep a check on your Mac's health and performance.
Additional features:
- Memory Clean feature to free up used RAM
- Run the app either in menubar mode or dock mode
- Customizable hotkey support to quickly launch the app
- Program app to launch at login
- Opacity control (can toggle the transparency of the app)
- Anchor button to keep the app locked on screen and above all other programs
- Gorgeous retina graphics
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