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A VPN client to establish an encrypted connection.
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Shimo is a VPN client that allows you to establish an encrypted connection through the services bearing the same name. The application is very easy to use. It is accessible from the Menu Bar, and it will not require more than a couple of clicks to get you securely connected. It also lets you consult connection statistics. Fortunately, there is a lot of information related to the technical specifications of the service as well as user guidance in the form of tutorials and FAQ documentation.

There are various aspects to look at when deciding to use one VPN service or another. Many users will probably look for a service that does not affect connection speed. Luckily, Shimo’s interference on speed is minimal.

Next, you would like to know how good your connection is in terms of security. Good news is that Shimo supports various VPN standards, including the popular OpenVPN protocol. Likewise, it is good that it allows split-tunneling as well as tunneling all traffic. In relation to encryption, it is good to hear that it supports multiple algorithms, including the practically unbreakable AES-256. Although Shimo can reconnect your computer automatically in case any problem occurs, it does not seem to come with a killswitch to prevent data leaks.

One of the advantages of Shimo is that it can automate certain actions. Thus, it can be configured, for instance, to connect to servers or launch other applications, when a VPN connection is established.

In addition to hiding your true IP address from third parties, Shimo also lets you access some geographically restricted streaming services, like Netflix. Luckily, it can be used for torrenting as well. Similarly, it comes with File Vault, which you can use to store files securely.

All in all, Shimo has enough convenient features as to make it an alternative to consider if you are looking for a reliable VPN service. However, there are also some risks you may be running. First, it does not allow anonymous payments. Also, the company is based in Germany, and according to the law, your data can be shared with other countries belonging to the 14-eyes Alliance. Finally, this product can be downloaded freely and tried for 30 days. Then, you will have to purchase the service, which may seem somewhat expensive at first but is actually a lifetime license.

Pedro Castro
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  • No noticeable speed loss
  • Supports various VPN protocols
  • Supports strong encryption algorithms
  • Unblocks streaming services
  • Supports torrenting
  • Built-in file vault
  • Lifetime payment


  • No killswitch
  • Anonymous payments not allowed
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