Anytune 2.3

Change playback options for learning music performance.
Slow down the song tempo and adjust the pitch in order to learn, transcribe or practice songs. Browse your music collection and sort the displayed tracks by song name, artist, playlist or album. Create multiple loops and audio marks to simplify navigation.

Anytune is mainly intended for people interested in music. In this regard, the tool can help you transcribe or play along with the song by altering its pitch and tempo. Likewise, it lets you set audio loops and add navigation marks.

The application has a straightforward interface, and most of the common operations can be done from a single window. It lets you import tracks directly from your iTunes library, from videos or by browsing folders. Once loaded, you can access relevant information about the tracks, such as name, artist, album and playlist, which also serves to sort them.

Luckily, there is the possibility of visualizing a song’s waveform. Moreover, you can easily select parts of the audio you would like to loop, as well as bookmark a given position to jump to and even make comments on that segment. Luckily, it lets you read a song’s lyrics as well.

One of the possible uses of Anytune is to learn how to play a song by ear. In this respect, the application comes with an equalizer that lets you filter out or intensify a given instrument. Another possibility is to slow down the tempo to practice the musical notes more easily. Similarly, you can adjust the pitch to avoid the undesirable effects of changing the tempo; however, unlike other similar applications, it cannot make automatic adjustments.

Good news is that this tool supports collaboration. Anytune lets you share not only your songs but also such settings as tempo, equalizer values, pitch, loop and bookmarks by uploading to iCloud.

In general, Anytune can be an excellent choice if you are into music. Luckily, this product can be tried without feature limitations for thirty days.

Pedro Castro
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  • Imports tracks from various sources
  • Displays scrolling lyrics
  • Supports collaboration


  • Cannot adjust pitch to tempo changes automatically
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