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Free Provides access to Pocket and Instapaper accounts without using a web browser.
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Michael Schneider
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Read Later is an application that provides you with access to Pocket and Instapaper accounts without using a web browser. Pocket was formerly known as Read It Later.
With this utility, articles that have been stored in the specified accounts so that they could be read at a later moment are listed and can be read and managed. There is no need to be logged into the two services via the web browser in order to manage the already marked articles. Users can archive the articles and edit their tags. It would have been nice if the program had included other editing options, such as to be able to highlight certain paragraphs or to add comments on the text. The Bookmark menu offers options such as to generate a short URL link for an article of interest, to email a link by opening the Mail application or to share it. The sharing options include the following networks: Twitter, Pinboard, Delicious, Evernote and Facebook. Of course, users must be logged in to the network of interest in order for the sharing procedure to take place.
Briefly, Read Later is an application that helps users manage lists of articles of interest that have been marked for being read at a later time in their Pocket or Instapaper accounts.

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  • Users can store and manage articles so that they be read at a later moment
  • Articles can be accessed and grouped by their tags. Each tag has a folder assigned to it, where articles with that respective tag are stored
  • Bookmarks can be exported in the HTML or CSV format


  • No highlights or comments can be added to the bookmarked articles
  • No option was found for marking read articles
  • Bookmarks are exported to the Downloads folder by default, offering no freedom to choose another preferred folder



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