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Reach for the top of the rankings in a bold new era of boxing.
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Reach for the top of the rankings in a bold new era of boxing. The Boxing Entertainment Commission has shunned mundane sport in favor of exciting action and you're cordially invited to join the fun. Create your own prize fighter from scratch and immerse yourself in gaming's most involving boxing universe featuring up to 100 characters spread across 3 weight classes.
Here, what happens in the ring is merely the first round as you proceed backstage to manage your business affairs and plot your next career move. Negotiate lucrative contracts with the suits and then arrange matches with the talent filling up your weekly schedule with spectacular pay-per-view bouts and history-making tournaments. Along the way, you'll transform your body to survive in the ring and adjust your attitude to survive backstage. With so many balls in the air, the only question is will your Reach exceed your grasp.
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