SpongeBob Diner Dash 2

SpongeBob Diner Dash 2

SpongeBob Diner Dash 2 is a nice time-management game with a nice theme.
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SpongeBob Diner Dash 2 is a nice time-management game in which the customers are characters of the well-known cartoon called SpongeBob. You need to keep your customers happy in order to score bonus points. If you don't serve them quickly, they will get mad and they may even leave the place, unsatisfied. Your job is to drag customers to their seats, take their orders, serve them food, give them the check and clean their dishes. Bob can carry two items at the same time. There are multiple customers with different personalities and patience levels that you can consult in the Help menu.

The game offers two modes: Story Mode and Endless Shift. In Story mode you will have a money goal for every level and you can perform upgrades after you complete each level. On the contrary, in Endless Shift, you work without rest serving customers until you get tired or you lose. This mode offers three difficulty levels and upgrades need to be performed manually when necessary. Graphics are funny and attractive, but not very detailed. Sounds are simple and the music is typical of this cartoon and gets annoying after a while.

To conclude, SpongeBob Diner Dash 2 is just another time-management game with a restaurant theme, which isn't very original but it may attract fans of this cartoon or lovers of this genre.

Silvana Mansilla
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  • Nice theme
  • Two modes
  • Graphics are funny and attractive


  • Unoriginal gameplay
  • Simple sounds
  • Graphics are not very detailed
  • Annoying music
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