QuikShow 1.0

Use text, photos, and elements of web pages to create slideshows.
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Generate slideshows or scrapbooks using text, photos, and elements of web pages. Add visual effects and export your creations in a variety of file formats. Import web content by entering the address of a web page and dragging the mouse over the area you wish to import. Web content is constantly refreshed when you play a slideshow.

QuikShow... Quickly create slideshows or scrapbooks with live Web content and fancy visual effects. QuikShow lets you create slides containing text, pictures and even portions of a Web page. Importing Web content is easy: enter the address of a Web page, drag the mouse over the area you wish to import and youÕre done. Every time you play a slideshow, Web content will be refreshed automatically. QuikShow also gives you easy access to many visual effects and supports a variety of file formats for saving your work. QuikShow comes with a free player application.

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