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Sticky Brainstorming 1.7

Sticky Brainstorming is, well, brainstorming using sticky notes.
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Sticky Brainstorming is a small utility that comes in handy while holding business meetings and when you wish to debate a certain subject with your colleagues. By using this piece of software, you will be able to share the individual opinions regarding the debated matter in a simple and interactive way.

The interface is easy-to-use and straightforward, so any user would be able to manage it. You can customize its appearance by adding or removing items from the toolbar, changing the font style and size, re-arranging category notes, etc.
You will be able to create specific categories for any discussed subject and include as many notes as you want. Moreover, this efficient tool also allows you to include vertical and horizontal axes to help you get a better view at the notes and organize them according to their category.

This application can also be used while scheduling meetings, keeping track of your project deadlines or house chores.

Briefly, Sticky Brainstorming is a handy tool that provides you with an easy way to collect ideas from your colleagues regarding a work related debate.

Ashley Griggs
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  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Able to customize the note's appearance and organize them in specific categories
  • Supports drag-and-drop action


  • None
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